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Buy | Sell | Rent | Donate Preloved desi items. PurvX: Where sustainability meets style.

PurvX is a global online marketplace for Indian and South Asian clothing and items, offering a wide selection of new and used Indian clothes waiting to be rediscovered. Explore unique desi finds or earn by listing your own clothes and other beloved items. Start your PurvX journey today!

Pick a favorite desi item

Discover a diverse range of South Asian fashion, from classic to contemporary, all available on sale.

Find a desi outfit anywhere

No matter where you are, we have the right outfit for you.

Purvx is part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.

Purvx is part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.

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Embarking on preloved Desi fashion? PurvX simplifies the journey.

Discover your perfect desi item, make it yours, and complete the process with a simple payment on PurvX. That's all it takes.

1. Find Your Perfect Piece

Explore our diverse collection of preloved South Asian fashion. Narrow down your search with filters based on your preferences, including size, category, and more.

2. Add to Cart and Pay

Select the item you love. Complete your transaction securely using various payment options, ensuring a seamless checkout experience.

3. Pickup or Delivery, Your Way

Coordinate with the seller for pickup or choose convenient delivery, and enjoy your newfound fashion piece. It's time to celebrate sustainable fashion and embrace the beauty of preloved South Asian attire!

Indian Fashion

Embrace a Circular Future with PurvX.

Together, we're shaping a world where every preloved South Asian item finds new purpose, fostering sustainability and community along the way.

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Our Community Speaks

Meera S

"The platform's focus on South Asian fashion ensures a targeted audience, and the buyer-seller communication is transparent. Knowing all the sellers are verified makes it a more trust worthy process"

Zareen K

"Selling my hardly used Pakistani suit sets used to be a hassle. Facebook and Poshmark was troublesome, and dealing with flaky buyers was frustrating. PurvX is a game-changer! The platform is so organized and user friendly, listing and selling my clothes takes minutes. Plus, the secure payment system through Stripe gives me peace of mind. No more ghosting or chasing payments."

Reshma K

"PurvX makes selling my used Indian ethnic wear hassle free. The platform is easy to use, and I've been able to declutter my closet while earning some cash. It feels good knowing my clothes are finding new homes and not lying in waste."

Anjali C

"Selling on PurvX is so much easier than Facebook groups like Chutney's Buy Sell. The platform is organized, user-friendly, and attracts serious buyers. Listing my clothes is simple, and the secure payment system gives me peace of mind. No more dealing with spam or time wasters! Plus, the platform helps me reach a wider audience, so my items can sell faster."

Padma L

"Pleasantly surprised by the range of prices for bridal lehengas on PurvX. Found options to suit different budgets, which opened up possibilities I didn't think were feasible. Great resource for anyone seeking South Asian or Indian wedding clothes."

Ashma S

"As a student, affordability matters. PurvX is amazing for finding beautiful preloved sarees and lehengas at good prices. It's like a giant garage sale for South Asian clothes, giving them a second life and keeping them out of landfills. Plus, supporting small sellers feels way better."

PurvX Desi Resale Marketplace Blog

The PurvX blog is your one-stop shop for everything South Asian fashion, accessories, and décor, with a focus on sustainability. We explore the diverse cultures of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and other South Asian countries, and the rich clothing traditions that come with them. We also show you how to support the circular economy and reduce waste by buying and selling preloved desi items on the PurvX marketplace.

With the PurvX blog, you'll learn about the different types of ethnic clothing across South Asian cultures, their significance, and how to style them for any occasion. You'll also find tips on how to care for your clothes and accessories so they last for years to come.

Whether you're a fashionista, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking for ways to live more sustainably, the PurvX blog is the perfect resource for you.

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