Sell on PurvX with Confidence: Your Seller Resource Center

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to success on PurvX Desi Resale Marketplace! This Seller Resource Center equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate our platform effectively and maximize your selling potential.

Indian Ethnic Wear Closet

Streamline your selling process with our FAQs:

Find clear answers to commonly asked questions about listing creation, shipping, payments, and platform policies. Resolve your inquiries quickly and ensure a smooth selling experience.

Seller FAQ's
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Detailed guidance for every step:

Our comprehensive Seller Guidelines provide a clear roadmap to navigate our policies, procedures, and best practices. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a seamless experience for you and your buyers.

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Create captivating listings with our Photo Upload Guide:

Capture quality images that showcase your items in their best light. This guide provides practical tips and recommendations to attract buyers and increase sales.

Photo Upload Guidelines