Seller Guidelines for Listing Items on PurvX

At PurvX, we value honesty, accuracy, and creating a safe and vibrant community for our users. When listing your items for sale, please follow these guidelines to ensure a positive experience for both you and your buyers:

1.Accurate Descriptions: Provide a detailed and accurate description of the item you're listing. Highlight key features, materials, colors, and any special characteristics. Be transparent about the condition of the item, including any flaws or signs of wear.

2.Authenticity: If you're listing an item as a designer or brand-name product, provide authentication by way of a receipt or relevant documentation. You can mention this in the item's description and share the details privately with the buyer via messages if requested.

3.Designer Items: When listing designer items, include the designer's name prominently in the item's title and description. This makes it easier for buyers to find and identify the item they're looking for.

4.Detailed Measurements: For custom-sized items, it's important to include accurate measurements in the item's description. This helps potential buyers ensure a proper fit and avoid returns due to size discrepancies.

5.High-Quality Photos: Take clear, high-resolution photos of the item from various angles. Use plain backgrounds and good lighting to showcase the item accurately. Highlight any unique details that might be of interest to buyers. Refer to our Photo Upload Guidelines for more details and tips.

6.Honest Condition: Be honest about the condition of the item. Mention any imperfections, signs of wear, or repairs in the description. Providing accurate information builds trust with buyers.

7.Safe and Honest Community: We're committed to fostering a safe and honest community on PurvX. Any unlawful or unethical behavior, such as misrepresentation of items, harassment, or fraudulent activities, will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from the platform.

8.Privacy and Messaging: Use the messaging system to privately share additional details with potential buyers, such as authentication documents or measurements. Keep sensitive information secure and avoid sharing personal contact details in public listings.

By adhering to these guidelines, you're contributing to a positive selling experience for both yourself and your buyers. Together, we're creating a vibrant marketplace that values authenticity, honesty, and the joy of sharing beautiful South Asian fashion items. Thank you for being part of the PurvX community!