Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Buyers

How do I purchase items on PurvX?

Exploring and buying items on PurvX is a breeze. Browse through our categories, find the piece you love, click "Buy," and follow the secure payment process. The seller will then ship the item to you.

Currency and Location

Why are all the prices on PurvX displayed in US Dollars?

Currently, all prices on PurvX are displayed in US Dollars because our platform primarily operates in the United States. While customers from around the world can buy or sell items on PurvX, we currently support transactions in US Dollars. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are actively working on expanding our currency support to include other regions in the future.

Can I still buy items if I'm not in the United States?

Absolutely! Customers from anywhere in the world can browse, select, and purchase items on PurvX. However, please note that the prices will be displayed in US Dollars, and your payment will be processed in that currency. Your bank or payment provider may apply currency conversion fees if applicable.


How can I contact the seller after the sale?

Visit your Inbox (located in the top right corner) to access all your message threads with buyers and sellers. It's your hub for post-sale communication.

What should I do if there's an issue with my order?

We encourage buyers and sellers to resolve disputes amicably. If no agreement can be reached, PurvX will step in to make a final decision. Disputes must be raised within 30 days.

What if the item I receive doesn't match its description?

We aim for a seamless experience, but if the item doesn't match the description, you can reach out to us. We'll work with you and the seller to find a suitable solution, whether it's a return, exchange, or refund.

What defines an item as "Not as Described" on PurvX?

An item is categorized as "Not as Described" on PurvX if it substantially deviates from the seller's description in the listing. For instance:

  • You received a different item or a variant other than what was described.
  • The item's condition is misrepresented; for example, if it was listed as "new" but is noticeably used.
  • Essential components are missing; for instance, if a set was supposed to include a dupatta or leggings but they were absent.
  • The item displays undisclosed damage or defects that were not mentioned in the listing.
  • The item is a counterfeit.
  • It lacks important components or features, and this information was not disclosed in the listing.

Should your item align with any of these criteria, it may be identified as "Not as Described" on PurvX.

What should I do if I receive an item that doesn't match the listing description?

If you receive an item that doesn't match the listing description, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Seller: Start by reaching out to the seller directly. You can do this by going to your Inbox and finding the message thread with the specific seller. This allows us to track the issue and provide assistance if necessary.

  2. Communicate with the Seller: Describe the problem to the seller and discuss possible solutions. It's essential to maintain open and honest communication to resolve the issue.

  3. Use the Platform: We recommend using the platform's messaging system to communicate with the seller, as it helps us track the conversation and facilitate a resolution.

  4. Provide Detailed Information: Sellers are encouraged to be honest about their items, including showing photos of any wear and tear and providing accurate descriptions.

  5. Contact Us If Needed: If you're unable to reach a resolution with the seller, don't hesitate to contact us. We can assist in reaching out to the seller on your behalf.

Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for all our users, and we're here to help resolve any issues that may arise during a transaction.


How does shipping work when I make a purchase on PurvX?

When you purchase an item, the seller is responsible for arranging the shipment.

What's the typical order processing time?

Sellers are required to ship orders within 2-5 business days. Please allow this time for them to prepare your items.

How are shipping costs determined, and who decides them?

Shipping costs are determined by the seller. You can find information on shipping fees in the item's listing. Some sellers may offer free shipping. The shipping fees listed on PurvX are specifically for local or domestic shipping within the same country as the item's location.

What's the estimated delivery time, and can I track my shipment?

Delivery times vary based on the seller's location, chosen shipping method, and your location. Sellers will provide tracking information for shipments via messages in your order inbox, so you can monitor their progress.

If there are delays, reach out to the seller for updates.

What should I do if the item doesn't arrive or is damaged during shipping?

In case of non-delivery or shipping damage, you should contact the seller through your Inbox. Sellers and buyers can collaborate to resolve the issue.

Effective communication between buyers and sellers is crucial to ensure a smooth shipping process on PurvX.


How do I know my payment is secure?

PurvX uses secure payment gateways to protect your information. Your payment is processed safely, and we're here to assist if you encounter any issues.

Does PurvX have access to my bank details or payment information?

No, PurvX does not have access to your bank details or payment information. Your financial data is securely stored and processed on the payment gateway platform, which ensures the utmost privacy and security.

Why do I need to add my bank details for item pickup?

PurvX does not support cash in hand on pickup. We prioritize secure payments and use Stripe, a trusted online payment system. Your banking details remain confidential on Stripe's platform.

How can I trust that my payments are safe on PurvX?

You can trust the security of your payments on PurvX because we prioritize your privacy and safety. By utilizing secure payment gateways, we guarantee that your sensitive payment information is handled with the highest level of security and encryption protocols.

What should I do if I have concerns about my payment security on PurvX?

If you ever have any concerns or questions regarding payment security on PurvX, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support. We are here to address any inquiries and ensure your peace of mind while using our platform.

At PurvX, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all your transactions, and a secure payment gateway plays a pivotal role in upholding this commitment. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.

What should I do if someone suggests buying or selling off the platform?

At PurvX, we're dedicated to providing a secure platform that minimizes risks for both buyers and sellers, especially when it comes to payments. When someone suggests conducting a transaction off the platform, it may seem convenient, but it exposes you to potential risks.

Here's why you should keep transactions on PurvX:

  • Security First: Your safety and the security of your transactions are our top priorities. When you stay on our platform, you benefit from our robust security measures.

  • Trust and Transparency: Transactions on PurvX are built on trust and transparency. We provide mechanisms to verify listings, track orders, and resolve issues.

  • Community Protection: Off-platform transactions bypass our community guidelines and protections, leaving you vulnerable in case of disputes or issues.

  • Support and Assistance: By staying on PurvX, you have our full support in case of any problems. We're here to help you navigate any challenges that may arise.

If someone suggests an off-platform transaction, here's what to do:

  • Stay Safe: Politely decline and explain that you prefer to keep transactions on PurvX for security reasons.

  • Report It: If someone insists on an off-platform transaction, report it to us immediately. We'll take appropriate action to ensure your safety.

  • Seek Guidance: If you're unsure how to handle the situation or need assistance, contact us at We're here to provide guidance and support.

Remember, PurvX is designed to protect you and provide a secure environment for all your transactions. Your commitment to using our platform helps us maintain a trusted marketplace.

International Orders

Are the shipping fees listed on PurvX applicable to international orders?

The shipping fees listed on PurvX are specifically for local or domestic shipping within the same country as the item's location. For international shipping, we recommend communicating directly with the seller through messages. You can discuss the shipping options and costs, and the seller can amend the shipping fee to accurately reflect the international shipping arrangement once both parties agree.

How do I arrange shipping for international orders?

When you're interested in purchasing an item from an international seller, you can initiate a conversation with them through messages. Discuss the shipping options, costs, and any additional details related to international shipping. The seller will then be able to adjust the shipping fee to accurately represent the international shipping arrangement you both agree upon.

Do I need to consider customs rules and fees when purchasing items from international sellers?

Yes, when purchasing items from international sellers, it's important to be aware that customs rules and fees may vary depending on your country's regulations. As a buyer, you are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, or fees that may apply to your purchase upon arrival in your country. These fees are separate from the item's price and shipping charges.

How do I know what customs fees will apply to my purchase?

Customs fees and charges are determined by your country's customs authorities and may vary based on the item's value, type, and the country it's being shipped to. Before making a purchase, we recommend contacting the seller to discuss potential customs fees and charges. This will help you make an informed decision before completing your purchase.

Can a seller mark my order as a gift or undervalue it to avoid customs fees?

We strongly discourage sellers from marking orders as gifts or undervaluing items, as it is against the law and may lead to legal consequences. Customs declarations must accurately reflect the item's value and nature. It's important to follow proper customs procedures and pay any applicable fees as required by your country's regulations.


How can I ensure the authenticity of items on PurvX?

PurvX encourages buyers to communicate directly with sellers for item authenticity. Feel free to request any relevant documentation, such as receipts or certificates, from the seller.

Does PurvX guarantee the authenticity of items listed?

PurvX does not independently authenticate items. We recommend buyers verify authenticity by directly interacting with sellers.

Is PurvX liable for authenticity claims?

No, PurvX is not responsible for authenticity claims related to items listed on the platform. Transactions are solely between buyers and sellers.

What if I have doubts about the authenticity of an item?

If you're unsure about an item's authenticity, use the messaging system to ask the seller for more details or proof of authenticity.

Can I request authentication proof from sellers?

Yes, buyers can ask sellers for authentication proof directly through the messaging system.

How can I ensure a safe purchasing experience?

For a secure experience, engage sellers in open conversations about authenticity concerns before making a purchase.

What should I do if I encounter a seller who claims false authenticity?

Report any suspected fraudulent activities or false authenticity claims to PurvX for review and appropriate action.

Remember, while PurvX offers a platform for buying and selling, buyers are encouraged to take responsibility for assessing the authenticity of items. Transparent communication with sellers is essential for a confident purchase decision.

Is PurvX responsible for things bought and sold via the platform?

PurvX is a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers in the Indian and South Asian fashion community. Both buyers and sellers are responsible for the items sold on PurvX. While we facilitate connections and provide support, we are not responsible for the transactions themselves.

Buyers: Any purchase made on PurvX is a direct agreement between you and the seller. If you have questions about the items you're interested in, need more information, or additional photos, we recommend reaching out to the seller directly through our messaging system. You can also report any concerns to PurvX.

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